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"To do what we do, better than any competitor on the world market and to do it honestly"

Pratley Electrical


Brand Leading Cable Gland Manufacturer - Since 1948

Serving the industrial, mining, petrochemical and consumer markets worldwide.

Advanced R&D Capabilities & Facilities.

Over 60 years of advanced polymer research. More than 350 patents filed word-wide.

Cutting Edge Electrical Product Innovation

Cable Glands and Junction Boxes for Normal and Hazardous Locations

Industry Leading Cable Gland & Junction Box Accessories

Accessories for both Normal and Hazardous Locations


About Us

Established in 1948 by George “Monty” Pratley, the Pratley stable of companies rests on a foundation of research and innovation. Drawing from over 70 years of experience, Pratley has filed more than 350 patents worldwide and is involved in the manufacturing and marketing of brand leading electrical cable termination products to global markets.

With expertise of over 200 employees, we pride ourselves in the production of highly innovative electrical cable glands, electrical junction boxes and related accessories. Those variants for use in hazardous locations comply with international IECex Standards for Ex n, Ex e and Ex d explosion protected  equipment. Many Pratley cable glands and boxes also comply with the European ATEX directive. Read more..