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Q: Can I purchase directly from Pratley?

With the exception of OEM’s and very large contract users like large mining groups, our policy is to supply via electrical wholesalers. They are usually able to offer more favourable prices. However, if your wholesaler is genuinely not giving you the required service level regarding Pratley Products, we can advise you of an alternative wholesaler in your area or failing that, supply you directly.

Q: Does Pratley provide customer training?

Yes, we have an extensive and well equipped training centre which offers various courses, including SETA accredited ones. Courses range from high end Hazardous Area training for engineers to the practical fitting of cable glands. Delegates are generally given a tour of the Pratley Research and Testing Laboratories. We also have various training material available to recognised training institutions. To arrange training, please contact our Training Manager.

Q: Why does my wholesaler say that Pratley is out of stock?

Always verify this by phoning us. We have a policy of 99% service level and very rarely run out of stock on A items.

Q: Can you supply your products pre-fitted to cable?

Yes, we regularly supply our industrial light and socket fittings fitted to cable. We can also supply junction boxes pre-fitted to cable and we can prepare the other end of the cable so that it is ready for field fitting. This is useful when fixed distance lighting circuits and the like are being installed.

Q: What are the advantages of having loose cone bushes instead of fixed or captive cone bushes in SWA Cable Glands?

We deliberately design our glands with loose cone bushes instead of fixed ones. The reason is that a loose cone bush “self-centers” under the armouring and is able to provide a better, more reliable and uniform grip on the steel wire armouring than a fixed cone bush. This means no cables pulling out. Our Pratley Adjustable cable gland exceeds the SABS standard for pull-out by merely hand tightening. Loose cone bushes also allow visual verification that all armour wires are properly in position and no wire is out of place (Which could lead to penetration of the cable bedding).

Q: Why do some of the Pratley Products have red bands?

The red bands are a method of identifying the products from a distance as being Ex rated. (Explosion Protected).

Q: Are Pratley Adjustable Cable Glands waterproof and can they be used outside in the rain?

Adjustable Cable glands fitted with short shrouds are certified to IP 54 which means they are ingress protected against dust and ingress protected against water splashed from any direction. In this configuration, they can be used outside in the rain. Adjustable Cable glands fitted with Inner Seals, Nipple Gaskets and Long Shrouds are certified to IP 68 which means they are totally waterproof even when submerged two meters underwater.

Q: Can you supply cable glands with a longer nipple? I am using a very thick gland plate.

We supply Extended Length Nipples which can be fitted to the Pratley Adjustable Gland. Other glands can be specially made with long nipples if quantities are sufficient.

Q: I have imported equipment which does not have a standard thread. How can I get the Pratley Adjustable Gland to fit?

We supply thread adaptors for all types of threads including NPT, PG, BSP and Imperial threads. We also supply metric and non-metric reducers if the thread size needs to be reduced. Simply remove the loose nipple and fit the required thread adaptor to match your equipment.

Q: Can you supply Pratley Junction Boxes in different colours?

Our non-metallic junction boxes are supplied in black. We can however manufacture them in other colours if the order quantities are justified. Our metallic Standard Aluminium Alloy Box is orange in colour or black in the case of the Ex e version. All Flameproof Junction boxes are supplied in orange only. Please contact our Sales Department if you require junction boxes in different colours.

Q: Can Pratley Junction Box lids be purchased separately?

Yes, replacement lids for our junction boxes can be purchased separately. You need to specify if you require the standard black lids or the transparent/Polycarbonate lid covers when ordering. We also supply lid screws and most gaskets separately if required.

Q: Are the Polycarbonate/Transparent junction box lids UV protected?

Yes, the polycarbonate lids contain special UV stabilizers and can be used in direct sunlight. They will however turn slightly yellow over a period of several years. We therefore recommend using the normal black lids if the junction box is going to be exposed to continuous direct sunlight.

Q: Can Pratley Junction Boxes be factory fitted with rail mounted terminals?

Yes, we regularly factory fit our junction boxes with rail mounted Pratley Kwikblok® Terminals. This applies to both the Standard and Ex  junction box versions.

Q: How can I prevent water from entering a cable junction box?

Firstly, check that the junction box is fitted with built-in glands or other IP rated Pratley Cable Glands. All Pratley boxes are IP rated and are therefore sealed when properly fitted. Next, check that the glands are the correct size for the cable. It is also good practice not to mix different brands of cable glands and junction boxes. Lastly, the most common source of water ingress (into a properly fitted box) is via the core of the cable, usually with an apparatus located higher up providing the source of the water. To prevent this, we recommend the installation of Pratley Barrier Glands.

Q: Is there any price difference between junction boxes supplied with black lids and ones supplied with polycarbonate/transparent lids?

No, there is no difference in price but you do need to specify “Black lid” or “Transparent lid” when ordering.

Q: Why are your boxes certified IP 66 and IP 68 and what is the difference?

IP means "Ingress Protection" against water and solids (such as dusts). The IP rating of equipment is marked using the abbreviation IP followed by two numbers. E.g IP68. The first numeral refers to the degree of protection from ingress of solids.The second number indicates the degree of protection from ingress of water. IP66 means totally dust proof and protected against powerful water jets from all directions. IP68 means totally dust proof and protected against water submersion up to 2 meters in depth. For more information on the IP codes, please refer to IEC Standard 60529.

Q: What is flameproof and what is the difference between Ex e and Ex d junction boxes? Why have both versions?

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to “flameproof” products.  Ex d or “Flameproof” means that an enclosure or junction box is constructed and certified as Explosion Protected according to the “Flameproof” standard.  The “Flameproof” philosophy is that should an explosion occur within the enclosure, it will either be contained or the escaping flame will be cooled by a “flame-path” thus mitigating the risk of igniting an explosive outside atmosphere.  Other equipment designated flameproof, like a flameproof cable gland, is constructed in such a way that it will maintain the flameproof integrity of a flameproof enclosure to which it is fitted. Ex e, on the other hand, means that the enclosure is constructed and certified as “Explosion Protected” according to the “Increased Safety” standard.  The philosophy with Ex e is to provide an impact resistant enclosure and also to ensure that its contents are certified such that they will never produce sparks or temperatures or current creepage that could ignite the flammable atmosphere which may enter the enclosure.  Ex e rated enclosures are therefore explosion protected but are not “Flameproof”.  In selecting both Ex d or Ex e equipment it is necessary to ensure the Temperature “T”-rating and the gas group certification is appropriate for the specific prevailing flammable atmosphere.  Both Ex e and Ex d junction boxes can be used on Zone 1 areas.  Ex d Flameproof boxes are normally manufactured from heavy patterned cast iron and are generally also suitable for use underground in coal mines.  Ex e Increased Safety boxes are normally manufactured from an engineered plastic and are generally suitable for surface applications and in non-fiery mines.  Ex e is usually a less expensive method of protection than Ex d.  We are always here to help or give advice if you are not sure.

Q: Why is the Pratley Flameproof Gland shroud black and not red?

The colour of the shroud doesn't have anything to do with the flameproof certification of the cable gland. The function of the shroud is to prevent moisture from entering the armouring of the cable which could lead to the corrosion of the armour wires. Pratley shrouds are uniquely manufactured with a lip that fits snugly into a groove on the cable gland preventing water from corroding the armour wires. Black is also the most UV resistant colour which is why ours are black.

Q: Why are Ex d flameproof cable glands supplied without locknuts?

According to the certification related to Ex d flameproof equipment, flameproof glands must be fitted to a threaded gland entry only. The specification calls for 5 threads to be engaged with the apparatus as the threads form part of the “flame-path” of the installation.

Q: Do you supply Insulation Tapes?

We supply both Standard PVC and Fire Retardant PVC tapes in black, red, blue, white, yellow and green. Fire Retardant means the tape will self-extinguish and will not promote the spread of fire.