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Cable Gland Training

The Pratley Training Centre was opened in 2004 and comprises a modern, fully equipped lecture room and practical workshop area of more than 300 square meters. Pratley cable gland training is aimed at creating a culture of quality and distinction among learners, electrical artisans and engineers. This is achieved by educating on the importance of correct cable termination and electrical product selection. Since inception, we have trained more than 5000 learners, artisans and engineers from South Africa and abroad.

Aligned with Pratley's famous Policy Statement, the courses equip artisans with skills needed to gain maximum benefit from Pratley Products. The most popular workshop is a basic theoretical and practical cable glanding workshop focusing on the fitting of cable glands in non-hazardous and hazardous locations.

Typical Workshop Contents:

  • Lectures on the design and function of a cable gland
  • Lectures on hazardous locations and applicable equipment
  • A practical session, including how to select the correct size cable gland, cable preparation and how to fit a cable gland and rubber shroud to a length of cable
  • A brief introduction to the theory of Ex n and Ex e enclosures, followed by flameproof theory
  • A practical session on installing a Flameproof Cable Gland
  • Tour of the Pratley Research, Development and Testing Laboratories

In addition, we offer a "Hazardous Locations Seminar" presented by Eldon Kruger. He is a recognized authority on the subject and past groups have significantly benefited by his interesting and informative sessions. These seminars are usually offered to senior management and engineers wanting to further of refresh their knowledge on hazardous locations.

We also offer Hazardous Locations training at our Cape Town Training Centre on request.

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